Traveling to the UK as a carer or nursing assistant

About 5 years ago, the UK has opened up clear pathways for healthcare workers around the world to live their dream whilst also working to earn legitimately. Recently, a once narrow opportunity of traveling to as a carer or healthcare assistant has been broadened by the publicity of the Uk’s latest officialized visa pathway for this category of people. This has been made possible through a process of registration with relevant regulatory authorities and meeting their requirements before visa applications could scale through.

While there are still many ways to end up in the UK and through various tiers of Visa slots, this is definitely one of the clear and successful pathways. Healthworkersbio  has initiated a research into this process and has recovered the following:

1. The eligibility requirements: More information can be gathered here:

2. Evidence to show that nursing assistants are now included in this Health and Care Visa pathway:

Now, these are the questions that need answering regarding this pathway

1. What is the requirement for me to be a carer?

This is where many people get it wrong. The desire to travel overseas should not be confused with the desperation to just pick up any job. What am i saying? Do you know what carers do? Do you have the zeal? Scared of things like cleaning, washing, changing linens or sheets, assisting to turn patients or handling people? Letting someone younger direct you to do something? That’s just a picture of what you will do. Carers are support workers just as assistants are links between nurses and patients. Having an understanding of your role can help you on the journey through this pathway. So, an understanding of the role is one requirement. You can read more HERE

become a carer or assistant in UK from Nigeria

Now, to the purpose of employment: While some people have successfully migrated with only experience, others require combination of attributes like:

A. Care Experience: this is a proof of care either in care homes, as a live-in carer for a family member or so, assistant in government hospital etc.

B. Educational qualifications relevant to the job: UK requires a NVQ level 2/3 diploma in health and social care. This is not compulsory and you can be employed without it. You will be trained and enrolled for these courses if you are employed.


From UK gov website, there are compulsory requirements to scale through the visa process:

1. Your certificate of sponsorship reference number – your employer will give you this. This means you are looking for employers that can sponsor you to UK. It will include your job title and annual salary, your job’s occupation code

2. Proof of your knowledge of English.

As contained on UK gov website, it states:

For the following application routes, you will need to take a test that assesses your reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities:

  • Innovator

  • Start-up

  • Skilled Worker

  • Minister of Religion

  • Student

This is to ensure that you are up to the minimum with english speaking, reading, listening or writing. This only applies if you are not from Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica,Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Malta, New Zealand, St Kitts and, Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, USA. Citizens of other countries will need to prove is by:

A. English language test. UK GOV website states You can only take a SELT (test of English) with one of the following providers:



PSI Services (UK) LtdE

ILTS SELT Consortium

 Read more

Now, to see these providers in your country, download the list from UK gov by CLICKING ME

NB: You only need a proof of English up to B1 level. This B1 level in UK is the minimum. For instance, a B1 level of IELTS UKVI test (in the link above) would be between band 4-5. Meaning if you take IELTS UKVI, and you score band 5 overall, you have passed the test of English required.

This picture shows the B1 level of each of the approved tests. It shows the mimimum requirements.

Update list on UK gov website HERE

Approved english test level for carer migration to UK


B. Higher level 4 or 5 education in UK

If you have studied or have degree certificate from UK. 


C. Having a degree outside UK that was taught in English and that you can verify with a body called ECCTIS. Visit here for more information:

For instance, if you have bachelor of science degree qualification from LAUTECH. You can verify your transcript with that body to verify you meet the english requirements.

3. An international passport

You definitely need to have an international passport before applying.



This is the main deal. When you think you have set the requirements in motion, start counting your luck by starting to apply for the jobs online. You can apply for carer/assistant jobs using:




NB: you will need to set up your account to apply for these jobs. There is no big deal with it but if you need similar guidance, use this template:

The steps on how to apply:

Below is also a sample video on how to apply:

However, if you desire to join a group of other people with questions and answers, we are starting a group where people can ask questions. Contact to indicate an interest. (Terms and conditions apply). In the group, you will get answers to questions and pls note that we are necessarily not doing anything on your behalf but supporting you with available resources to further your pursuit in this regard.

You can also use the comment button below to get more enlightenment or respond to others.

NB: this page will be updated as time goes by. Kindly ensure that you follow websites to update better.


24 Responses

  1. To be frank. What’s are the odds for someone who isn’t a nurse, say studied biochemistry and has some experience of care giving getting this job in the UK

  2. Hello there, my wife is an assistant nurse here in the UAE. She possessed a certified nursing assistant certificate. But here former education is different.
    Now the question is, we wish relocate to the UK how can we go about?

    I myself am health, safety and environmental officer.

    1. Many people are in this same shoe. Relocating to the Uk through this pathway is same. follow the steps on this page and get set, then you are good to go.

  3. I really need this job buh I don’t know how to go about it ..I also need need sponsor plz

  4. Please as a carer can I go to school. And how many years can I work as a carer before I can change my carer path

    1. Yes you can. Changing your career path depends on what you want and the circumstances surrounding it. You are sponsored to work as a carer, changing it has some agreements with your employers but you will not be restricted within the roles you want to step onto. You can always change sponsors

  5. hello
    I am trying to apply for a 3years carer visa. But I heard they hardly give it. But they are willing to give the 5years.
    I want to know how true is that.
    I really would love to work for just 3years.
    Thank you

  6. Hello please I wanted to confirm the years of visa I can apply for. I heard they no longer give the 3years carer visa. Please how true is it

  7. Good day, this site contains useful information. I am a nurse and wish to get into the uk via the hca pathway, would i likely be working as a senior care assistant or given any consideration as regards the tier i will come in?
    How flexible is it to get into the nursing register?

    1. Flexible but has it’s own ups and down

      Financial implications as well as emotional readiness… Just follow this page as the website will be updated soon

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