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      The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has released a memo concerning the reason for delays as per verification using the new online portal. The memo was shared online by the Head of Department of ICT services at NMCN. The message is contained below:

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      Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in the last few days significant number of pending verification applications have been cleared by Council.

      While efforts are on to clear all the remaining pending applications, we have observed that a substantial number of applicants particularly those who initiated online application for verification did not complete the application as expected. Many failed to attach all the required document particularly other qualifications registered with Council or uploaded illegible document and licence. In fact, some have not even applied to NMC -UK yet they went ahead to apply for verification from NMCN while others applied with expired licences. We noticed that most of the applicants that used smart phone to complete their applications have their document distorted/corrupted. With all these irregularities on these applications, some of them may not scale through and will result in further delay.

      In view of this, please inform all Nurses and Midwives around you to go online and update their profile & qualifications on licence renewal portal https://licence.nmcn.gov.ng/ particularly those applying for verification to avoid unnecessary delay on their online verification applications.

      Thank you.


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