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      Solutions JamesSolutions James

      A twitter use by the username: babynurse has recounted a terrible experience of a workplace accusation of theft. As enclosed in her thread:



      I resumed work on Monday sick, I complained about it, a colleague said I should go take meds na shebi na you dey give people. I am the only Nurse in the clinic, and I take stock of all the medications in the clinic, I also dispense to other staff members

      When they’re sick and record, for one year I started working there that’s the way I’ve always done it. So, on Wednesday I told my Manager that I was still sick, I brought out the medications and took them in her presence, I showed her jokingly that they should allow me go home

      I told her same day that they should start looking for a new Nurse, I was only going to work for two weeks this July which is the normal official notice time. They promised to increase my salary since March, I shuttle from Ikeja to Ikoyi five days a week 9-5pm.

      She reacted badly to this news and few minutes later she left for the MD’s house which is just behind the clinic. I told a colleague that she has gone to report me, but she told me not to pay attention to that. So, on Thursday morning, it rained heavily and I got to work

      At exactly 9am, I met only the cleaner, the gateman already lives at the small quarter, I registered my name, changed into my scrub and decided to rest a little coz honestly I wasn’t still myself. Our masseuse came, she woke me up that she brought garri, I should go and drink

      So I can take my meds, coz I’ve been borrowing from them for my tfare and for weeks I haven’t been eating well. I told her I will lemme just sleep a little more I wasn’t feeling good at all. I went back inside and slept off until our doctor came, he opened the door and said see

      How this one just squeezed herself like a baby in the womb, we laughed about it and I finally stood up. Coming out I met our accountant who had gone to the market to get everything I had made requisitions for, he told me that someone in the office is stealing medications

      We all know who, he uses them for his personal hustle, that I should pack all the meds inside the cupboards that has locks so I’ll be on a safe side. I took those things inside. Our customer care rep called me and told me she brought rice for me that it was inside the fridge

      I thanked her and decided to go eat first, I went upstairs to the kitchen, ate and came downstairs to start my stocking, I called the spa girl coz she’s an auxiliary so she assists me most times, I asked her to come and see how am stocking, know the name of each med and how

      Their packs look like. She grabbed a sit and we started with it. Later on, our accountant came and asked for power bank and charger that there’s a code the owners of the hospital were expecting in the phone and it was down. He got it, and while the phone was still booting

      They called the other line that’s in the care of the customer rep, I think they called the first time and she didn’t pick, when she noticed the phone rang and the sound wasn’t coming out, she called the attention of our accountant and they were fixing it together.

      Me unaware of whatever that was going on, they called back the office line again and the girl picked it up. The owner of a place was shouting, as the girl couldn’t stand all the insults she walked into the room where I was with the phone on speaker, all I heard was

      Her last word, that she would sack all the useless staff and ended the call, I said thank God nothing concerns me with this one…😭 Well, so I thought. She called back and the girl refused picking up saying she’s not their house help, that she came to work for them

      So, they shouldn’t shout on her, then our accountant picked up and he was asked to come to the house, so he left. I was still busy with what I was doing when their driver came that they have sent for me and the front desk lady. I said what’s my own in all of these now
      Entering their sitting room, she started pointing at me, that it’s me, wicked girl, that she will ruin my life that in fact starting from today that my life is ruined💔😭 immediately I said God forbid, she came forward and slapped me 😢😭

      Still unaware of what I did wrong, she asked the accountant to go bring my belongings that I will go home from the house, the man left. She accused me of purposely silencing the office phone because I have taken all her clients when they cannot reach the office line

      They’ll call my personal phone, I started tearing up 😭like me? Before God and man, never ever have I even thought about such talk more of executing it. She said I want to spoil business for her but she’ll destroy me first, she ordered the manager not to pay me else she’ll

      Take it out from the manager’s salary, they brought my bag and she turned it upside down, I did have much just my house key, my glass case and #500, my lip gloss and the pack of antibiotics I was taking.. she saw the antibiotics and asked if I took it from the clinic

      I said yes, she said oh! On top of everything, I added theft to it. Our doctor asked me if I recorded it, I snubbed him. She said oh! You’re being rude, oya kneel down, I knelt down 💔 she said oya answer your doctor. I said yes I recorded it. The doctor told her but it’s
      My right as a Staff. She said who did I tell, I said manager is aware. They called manager and she denied me💔 said I only told her I was sick.😢😢 This woman asked me to hold the med and she started snapping me that she could hand called the police to take me out in handcuffs
      Or call their area Boys to beat me up. The care rep was telling her I haven’t even come close to the phone that day and that the phone rang yesterday, she picked up, that that morning the lab guy had used the phone when he wanted to call manager that anything might have
      Happened, they turned deaf ears to everything they were saying. They asked me to leave under the rain, without my salary, how was 500 supposed to take me home? I walked half way until I was able to get to the BRT park. I got home and told my aunty, her friend referred
      Her to her brother who’s a deputy commissioner at Ikeja Area command, we went there yesterday, and the man sent us to Ministry of Justice Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency to get a referral letter, which we got, I made my statement too. These people are rich and influential
      I can’t do this alone, I was humiliated, physically and emotionally assaulted, I can’t do this alone. I am on my way back home to Imo, my mum asked I come back home. I hope to find healing soon. And anyone with job opportunity please call me🙏
      Help me tag the appropriate bodies, @NANNM_NOHIl @Nigeria_NMC @MINISTRYOFJUST1 @Osagiemerry @AghedoPrincewi help🙏🙏🙏


      What is your take on this issue?


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      Kanyinsola ArojojoyeKanyinsola Arojojoye


      The lady can still sue the organisation if she have backups..


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