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      A nurse, whilst at her place of duty offering care to sick patients have been assaulted in an embarrassing manner has been assaulted. This time, it’s not by a patient but a doctor.

      The story(reportedly took place 15th June, 2022), circulating has the details below:

      Atinko Ikeya who assaulted the Nurse

      THE DR THAT SLAPPED A NURSE ON DUTY. National Hospital Abuja

      This Dr Ikeya Atinko came for rounds early hours of the morning, To see a patients. He saw the wound was not dressed, he walked up to the nurse while she was feeding a patient, he said I quote madam leave whatever you are doing and clean that dirty wound then the relative of the patient the nurse was feeding then answered so my patient is not important? The Nurse finished with the feeding and was washing up the things she used the Doctor came at her angrily told her to come dress the wound immediately the nurse replied that the gynea Doctor’s said they want to monitor the wound so it should not be cleaned by a nurse. She went ahead to say I have no problem dressing the wound but document that the nurse should do that against previous instruction. He said he won’t document anything and before you know, he gave her slap on the face. As the nurse tried getting a cam evidence of the situation, the doctors the other Doctor (assaulter) held the nurse. Only for the nurse to go report at the compound office, the So called Doctor was already in a round table discussion. And she was asked to go back to the ward and look after the patient. 

      At the moment, the nursing community is waiting for the action of the professional union (NANNM)

      Video of nurses protesting the assault:




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      Kanyinsola ArojojoyeKanyinsola Arojojoye

      Nurses are not doctor’s slave! They need to get that in their heads…

      Everyone has their role to play in the hospital. But if otherwise is the case, maybe Nurses and doctor should not work together anymore…

      They can’t even perform 0.5% role of a nurse, they can’t.

      NANNM should do something about it this, it can’t continue like this

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