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      #copied from a page:
      It is with heavy heart that i announced the passing away of one of our colleague ACNO Joke A. she passed on today @ about 2.30am. Burial arrangement would be announced by the family. NANNM General Hospital Ikorodu ANNOUNCER
      From a nurse in Ikorodu
      She works in pead ward, served meal for a child that was supposed to to appendenctomy because she was not aware, Apex informed and they don’t know how it got to MD, who summoned her the next day, interogated her in his office with the Apex Nurse in attendance for about one hour which made her collapse. Bp checked and it was 230/ 150 . Taken to Lasuth immediately and was placed on ventilator since last week Thursday. Died this morning at 2:30am..
      The said patient was not operated upon again as the next scan revealed another thing entirely and the mother DAMA.


      Can you imagine this, something as ‘trivial’ as NPO,that can be given 4hrs if not maintained. Why do we complicate life in this profession,why are we so much afraid of what the doctors and MD will say or do? We are employed by the same government for crying out loud. I once corrected a doctor who was making a mountain out of a moule by a colleague’s mistake,meanwhile the same doctor has once forgot to remove pad inserted into the vagina during perineal repair,she didn’t inform patient not wrote as her plan. Patient came back after one week of discharge to say the pad fell off that morning. I reminded her of that and that shut her up. Inasmuch as we should be deligient in discharging our duty,all of us should get each other’s back bc we are not robots but humans,imperfect beings with mistakes sometimes. Why would not maintaining NPO attract scolding in MD’s office bikonu? Can’t it be sorted out? Does it mean all emergency surgeries maintain NPO. Who did we offend for crying out loud. Why do we make noise when someone makes mistake in this profession? I am really pained. An ACNO for that matter,she has been working for years, can’t this be seen as a mistake rather than unprofessionalism. A mistake that can be corrected without loosing life bc of it fast forwarded her death . Who knows the words they used on her? It’s quite a SHAME!

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