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      Recently, there has been loads of requests on how to pay for cbt, application fee and all that even owing to imposition by Nigeria banks where you cant pay more than 100 dollars for international fees. I have compiled this post with credits to pamsnod my friend for his input.

      Now, you need a banking system that makes this payment easy and what I recommend is Barter by flutterwave.

      Follow this link (link with his referral, it doesn’t take anything from you) – BARTER BY FLUTTERWAVE

      When you download barter, you need to sign up, input your BVN (it uses wema bank and it’s a verification process, you won’t be defrauded).

      After all the signing up process, login and go to cards, then add new card, select virtual dollar card with about 5 dollars fund for start. Once you have this dollarcard, although with limit of about 340 dollars per day, you can pay for any fee.

      What you need to do is send money to your local account number on barter,Then visit cards section, click on the dollar card and click on fund. It will show you how much a dollar costs per naira. That will help you know how much you need to fund the card.

      Now, be careful of something, that’s your card number. It doesn’t have a password. Once you input it on payment machines, it will deduct equivalent without needing your code so keep your card numbers safe for you alone.

      At this point, let’s talk about NMC CBT payment:

      1. NMC CBT is 83 pounds. In dollar equivalency, that’s like 116 dollars.

      2. Fund your dollar card with about 118 dollars. You would have seen how much it costs in Naira.

      3. If you use your dollarcard on pearsonvue checkout, it might not go so let’s go and buy a voucher that you can also use to checkout.

      4. Visit MINDHUB WEBSITE

      5. Enter NMC into the search space onsite

      You will get a return research of NMC EXAM VOUCHER at 83 pounds.

      6. It will show a pop up, click on checkout, then input your address as residential. Proceed to checkout. (Don’t be slow to leave the page for too long).

      7. Select online delivery. Input your own personal details in shipping address and personal information. Then input the dollar card details, it is a visa card.

      8. Your payment should be successful now. Pls ensure a good network before proceeding to avoid stories with failed transaction or debit without voucher. And make sure you put your working email to receive your voucher.

      9. Just within 4 hours, you should get a delivery in your mail with a voucher code.

      10. When you go to your Pearsonvue account, select the centre u want to take the exam, select available date, proceed to checkout. Scan for “add voucher or discount code” then paste your voucher code, it will deduct the checkout fee of 83 pounds, then proceed to final tasks.

      Simple, you have just paid!

      Don’t forget to share link of this post with friends. More views mean you are checking our website and that encourages us to post more

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      • This topic was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by HWBHWB.
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