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      Fatigue is a common symptom of Crohn’s disease. However, the condition is often under-recognized Trusted Source in people with IBD, meaning medical professionals often do not treat this symptom in those with IBD.

      However, a person can manage chronic fatigue in various ways. Below are some tips that someone with Crohn’s disease may find useful.

      Managing anemia

      Around 1 in 3 people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis have anemia. Irritation and swelling in the intestines can mean the body does not absorb iron as it should, leading to anemia.

      Anemia can cause fatigue for people with Crohn’s disease. A person may wish to take oral iron supplements to help manage their anemiaTrusted Source. If this does not work, an individual can discuss taking intravenous iron with their doctor.

      By reducing anemia, people may be able to help manage their fatigue.

      Managing nutrition

      A person may also wish to focus on adding more vitamin B12 and folates, or folic acid, to their diet. Research suggests that deficiencies of these nutrients can causeTrusted Source extreme fatigue.

      People can get vitamin B12 from supplements or a variety of foods, includingTrusted Source:

      animal liver and kidneysclams sardinesbeeftunafortified cerealfortified nutritional yeastdairy products, such as milk, cheese, and yogurtsome nutritional yeast products

      Food manufacturers also fortify other foods with vitamin B12, including some types of soya milk and breakfast cereals.

      Learn about the other symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.

      A person can add folates to their diet by eatingTrusted Source:

      legumes, such as beans, peas, and lentilsasparaguseggsleafy greensbeetscitrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limesBrussel sproutsbroccolinuts and seedsbeef liver

      Treating inflammation

      The body’s response to inflammation can cause fatigue. Therefore, if a person has Crohn’s disease, they may wish to treat their inflammation to help manage fatigue.

      An individual could use biologic therapies, such as infliximab, to treat inflammation. Nonbiologic medicines for inflammation include immunomodulators.

      Switching medications

      If a person’s medication is causing their fatigue, they may wish to switch to a different medication. They can speak to their doctor, who may be able to suggest alternative treatment options.

      Treating anxiety

      Around 40%Trusted Source of people with IBD experience high anxiety levels. This may be related to symptoms, but it can also be present when individuals are not experiencing symptoms.

      A person with Crohn’s disease may wish to seek counseling to help manage their anxiety. Other options include cognitive behavioral therapy or anxiety medications.

      If an individual is experiencing anxiety due to Crohn’s disease, they can speak with a medical professional, who may be able to treat the condition.

      Improving sleep

      A person can try several methods to improve their sleep, including these healthy sleep habits:

      establishing a consistent bedtime routineensuring their bedroom is at a comfortable, cooler temperature when going to sleepmaking sure their room is quiet and dark when going to sleepavoiding looking at screens for up to an hour before going to sleepavoiding eating shortly before going to sleep

      Physical activity

      Regular physical activity can help improve sleep and reduce the symptoms of fatigue. If a person is not very physically active, they could gradually introduce exercise into their routine as they are able.

      Avoiding smoking

      An individual with Crohn’s disease should try to avoid smoking to help manage the symptoms of their condition. Cigarette smoking worsens the symptomsTrusted Source of Crohn’s disease, which can worsen and contribute to fatigue. By stopping smoking and reducing symptoms, individuals can help improve their fatigue.

      Source: Medical News Today

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