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      Hello my fellow gees in the house

      There is one change I made in the past year that has truly changed the game for me and made my reading process a lot easier.
      I want to share my journey from being a slow reader to becoming a quick reader and someone who assimilate faster. I thought about what to write to you today but I was out of words so I decided to tell the story.

      When I was in 200 level it was difficult for me, I hated school at that point because of how anatomy and physiology felt like a mountain to me. I hated it so much because it made me feel like I could not do anything for myself. Then, I struggled with C’s which caused a great effect for my CGPA. I was not doing so well because I felt I could not, well I belittled myself and that is why it was difficult for me to ace my exams.  Then I got into 200 level second semester and I was still floating but everything changed when I got into 300l first semester.

      The change that made everything easy for me and I am going to share them with you, well you can try it and come back to give testimony.

      WHAT TO DO:

      1. Document your process: Don’t read aimlessly, write down your dream scores and grades for each semester. Then place them beside you while you are reading for the course. Trust me you will read with purpose and which is to pass with flying colours

      2. Train your mind: Your mind is where your concentration sits. I’m sure you have heard when people say be “open minded”. You can’t have two thoughts(bad or good)at the same time. So train your mind to think about the positive things.

      3. Summarising: take notes of important points, preveiw what you study and do well to summarise what you understand.

      4. Question and Answer: look out for past questions, have ideas on how questions is been asked, set questions for yourself and answer them without opening your book.

      5. Meditate: meditate answers, assess yourself while you are not reading, jot those part you can’t remember/answered and go to back to your book for further reading.

      6. Ask questions: meet someone you feel he/she is good in that aspect you’ve been reading for simplier explanation and most likely questions to be asked.

      7. Teach others: share the little knowledge you’ve gathered, this will assist you to retain what you’ve learnt.

      8. Acknowledge your wins: Praise yourself the moment you have understood how to draw a care plan, acknowledge that you are doing well and this will encourage you

      I hope you’ll all find this helpful..

      If yes, drop a comment below

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