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      In recent years computer-based tests have gained lots of popularity among various sectors and professions.

      Various exams are now conducted in this format, nowadays, most of the universities and other exam conducting councils are making use of computer-based tests or exams (CBT), making it the best choice available.

      If this is your first time taking a CBT or CB exam here are some things to note:

      0. Access and observe your cubicle, check for the switch and wires, to avoid touching them.

      1. Before pressing anything on the keyboard, make sure you double-check, don’t be too confident with the keys.

      2. Before clicking or double clicking, make sure you know and check where your crusor (arrow) is or pointing at.

      3. Ensure that you have read and followed all specific instructions.

      4. Time management is crucial and can be practiced before appearing for the final day of the test (mock test) using a laptop or desktop, there are numerous test online.

      5. Read each question carefully

      6. You can anticipate the answer before looking at the options.

      7. Be sure to click the correct answer on the computer screen first (which will highlight your selected answer) before clicking on the next question or page.

      8. Avoid unnecessary checking of the timer ⏲️.

      9. Finally make sure you have submitted before leaving.

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