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      Kanyinsola ArojojoyeKanyinsola Arojojoye

      Hygiene: conditions and practices that promote and preserve health.

      Eye hygiene are the practices to prevent infection and damage to the organ of sight(eye).

      Practices includes

      • Use of protective eye shield (sunglasses)
      • Regular hand washing
      • Reduce eye exposure to excess light, ultraviolet light
      • Avoid touching the eye or rubbing the eyes
      • Avoid sharing of face towel and makeup kits and keep them clean
      • Include food rich in vitamin A, C, E and zinc in diet.
      • Report any discharge or discoloration of the eye
      • Avoid insertion of object to the eyes
      • Avoid usage of unprescribed medication/ eye drops
      • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol intake
      • Regular eye check up and Adheramce to medications
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