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      Garlic is the secret weapon of the Germans’ longevity. There must be garlic for three meals a day. Even the after-dinner cakes, ice cream, and garlic wine are also available. The French use garlic chicken soup to fight colds, the Koreans rely on garlic pickles for appetizers, and the Japanese make garlic into preserves… The National Cancer Organization of the United States believes that among the most cancer-fighting plants in the world, garlic tops the list.

      Garlic has a good killing effect on pathogenic bacteria and parasites. It can prevent influenza, prevent wound infection, treat infectious diseases and deworming.

      Garlic can protect the liver and prevent the occurrence of cancer. At the same time, the elements such as germanium and selenium in garlic also have a good anti-cancer or anti-cancer effect.

      Eating garlic can promote blood health and regulate the decline of insulin synthesis in the human body. Therefore, eating garlic more in diabetic patients can help alleviate the condition. Regular consumption of garlic can also delay aging.

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