Things to do when you get to UK as a Healthcare worker

This post on things to do when you get to UK as a Healthcare worker was curated and developed from the original post of the popular “Olabode Peculiar” who is an admin of “Life in UK for nurses” telegram group.

First thing first, Welcome to UK. The excitement of finally getting to your destination can be so much that you lose interest in many things over a couple of days after you get in. However, these few days could help you shape your settlement into the queen’s land. Well, some trusts fashion you with these processes but you can also stay a step ahead. Below is a list of things to help:

Things to do when you get to UK

1. Landing in UK: Pls note that the airport has a free wifi. You can connect to this and get in touch with your people. This is because many people are disconnected from network or access to many things. Just put on your wifi, connect to the airport secure address and continue with the prompts.

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