The NMCN proposed amendment bill

The news that the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria is expecting some amendment to its Act should the bill be passed is no longer news in the face of the Nigeria Community of Nursing and Midwives. For years, many nurses have clamoured for an amendment to some old and rough parts such as the legal consequences for quackery and many others.

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While many are aware of a proposal for a bill, many are unaware of the content. Earlier this year, in response to questions in a virtual meeting with Nursing group administrators, the Registrar of  the Nursing and Midwifery Council Chairman said: (paraphrased words with similar meaning)

Act had first reading last year
Scheduled for second reading last month but i think last month, on 17 or 24 last month scheduled for reading.

Senate had to adjourn that day

They are still pushing on the bill


Yesterday, the 30th of November, it was revealed by different newspapers that the bill has now been passed. However, the status of the bill on NG senate bills track page states that the bill is awaiting committee report within 4 weeks.

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