Step by Step process to become an oversea nurse in United States

This is a comprehensive detail clarifying the steps by steps process to becoming an oversea US nurse when applying from outside United States.

This post was adapted from Chief ANYANWUOMA (USRN) and edited by HWBio. 

According to him, the process is like “nursing process, everything in nursing begins with assessment.”

1. Begin with a sincere and truthful self assessment. National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is hard but possible. If you are not a self motivated core achiever, that can sit down and grind the books,that is ready to un-learn and re-learn, please do not waste your money.

2. Evaluate your transcripts

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    1. Yes, but a very stress and often unlucky process. What we advice is to take the post basic course of RN pathway and leverage on details of experience (transcript) with cgfns.

  1. After registration with CGFNS, how do I go about Nigeria verification of license and documents? Any contact or link to help me through that phase?

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