The concept of assault is deep. It exists beyond hospital settings to homes and basically anywhere two people exist. However, while most of it could be prevented, one cannot exclude one from happening at one point or another. The focus should be on de-escalation of things that build up assault but when it happens, the solution is to break away by any means possible.

To talk about de-escalation:

1. Approach or respond in a calm manner
2. Avoid using postures that increase frustration, things like ‘and so’
3. Actively listen, call their names. for instance ‘I am really listening to you Mark’
4. pick up points and don’t interfere, let them finish everything they want to say, don’t cut in, it prolongs matter, just pick up points
5. Respond in a calm manner and apologize where necessary, then ask what could be done to remedy the situation.
6. if they are fuming or increasingly against your intervention, kindly walk away in a safe manner and refer them to senior colleagues or resolution boards

To talk about breaking away:
Before engaging anyone, always be closer to an exit should anything happen
Watch youtube videos on breaking away from situation
Learn self defense techniques
….and always be smart to know that your life matters first!