NHS Job interview Questions

Job interviews require preparation just as the interview provides the employer the chance to know about you and a chance for you to convince your employer on why they should employ you. The NHS is not an exemption even though many trusts have the particularity of their interview questions.

Earlier to your interview (which is after a successful job application. Check how to get a job faster with trac), you will be given a link to Zoom or Microsoft Teams or Skype (some will give it to you on the interview date). Kindly ensure the following:

-Prepare to have your ID (mostly international passport) beside you.

-A good network

-You are permitted to use a handsfree/airpods/headphone and all.

-Dress smartly

– Avoid distractions during the interview. Be seated and focused on the camera. Don’t cheat or give an impression of one. You are mostly adviced to be the only one in your room.

– Know about that trust before the interview date.

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