International Nurses Day: Open letter to Florence Nightingale


By Nrs Ojunekwu Felix Nwanbueze (RN)

This piece is written in commemoration with Nurses globally for their efforts towards nursing our mother Earth to health and also in remembrance of our “Lady with the Lamp” Florence Nightingale whose revolutionary efforts brought Nursing to global limelight with estimated 20.3millions as Registered Professional members and more than 7.3 billions people as their beneficiaries excluding those in the grave beyond where our FNG dwells too . Honestly, without Nursing Care and Services, the world is nothing, thus, the reason why the world should also know what is happening to these Angels in Uniform especially in Nigeria where the trigger of the world is resident since the demise of our Godmother!!! Dear Florence Nightingale, may this posts meet
you, your followers and believers in good shape as I attempt to reflect, report and
recommend events in their simplest for over 110 years after your death and or 200 years since your birth!!!.

Your Brief stint in the Human Race!

YOUR Birth.
Dear Nightingale, your birth on May 12, 1820 into the world of the unknown brought an end to a new beginning in nursing affairs and perspectives. Despite your aristocratic advantages, you chose the path of Caring for the less privilege and thereby healing the wound of our infected world. Your vision to Nursing was domestically rejected and opposed, but your doggedness and later end brought modernized Nursing and healing health to the globe. What a therapist you are!

YOUR Return Trip.
You left this sweet-and-sour world to the grave beyond, and home above on Saturday August 13th, 1910 by 2p.m, thus leaving us with the vacuum that no man or woman has ever filled in the Nursing World even though we collectively aspire to be, but, divinity distinguishes you.

YOUR Honours:
Since you left dear Florence, countless numbers of books have been written in your honour.
Museums are springing up in their uniqueness courtesy of your good deeds.
Surprisingly dear Nightingale, hundreds of Faculties and Departments are named after you with your Environmental Theory and Fundamentals of Nursing as one of the essential courses that must be taken. What a path you chose!
Above all, millions of youths and adults are aspiring to have your name crested on their TITLE, thus making you one of the greatest mentors the world has ever known and produced. Kudos to my Uncle who made me to be counted among the nobles of Florence Nightingale!!!.

Changes in Nursing since your Demise:

Dear Florence, just the way you altered the world within your space, the same dynamics had influenced and reshaped the nursing you fought and paid dearly for.
Nursing Education:
Dear Florence Nightingale, prior to your transition, Nursing education was exclusively hospital based with encumbrance of the physician that played the Lord of the Rings role. Today, our educational status has changed significantly, in fact we’ve gone past the four walls of St Thomas Hospital, London to countless Universities worldwide!.
You must be a proud mother I guess, to be told that over three thousand Universities offer Nursing as a course both at graduate and postgraduate level. Even Online Nursing Education/Classrooms are drawing you closer to our teaming enthusiastic Nursing Students.
Dear Florence, our academicians are one of the most sorted after as the list of scholastic Professors and Doctors of Nursing are growing geometrically. These are the goldmines that kept your good work going!.
Dear “Lady with the Lamp”, our researchers are playing leading role in actualizing your set
objective of “…preventing disease and ensuring safe and compassionate treatment for the poor and the suffering” through peer reviews. Numerous journals have been written to accommodate the stuff we are made up of.
The Covid-19 global pandemics reveal the qualities in our education to the admiration of our clients and world leaders. What an honour.

While this is a great achievement to the human race, it has proportionately reordered the lyrics of social interactions with our healthcare seriously affected.
Dear FNG, I want to notify you that we have harmonized technological advancement in our
universal nursing care, our feats in Telenursing is worth the pride while your Aerospace Nurses are constantly upgrading to create opportunity for those in the space.
Dear Florence, while the Nurse Robotics may sound too scary to take the empathy aspect of us, it’s maximization may be inevitable in a world flourishing on wires, machines and cables in years to come!. We won’t disappoint you, as we appropriate the synergy between biomedical engineering into biomedical nursing especially as nanotechnology is staring at us in the next decade.

Infection Disease and Control
Throughout history, nothing killed more humans than infectious diseases. I am sure you weren’t happy about such calamities drowning the very set of homo sapiens that gave you honour and prestige!. Globally, many of us are on Total Lockdown courtesy of Covid-19 pandemics that sprang from Wuhan, China since December 2019: over two hundred and eighty seven thousand harmless souls including your precious Nurses have been sent to their early grave, with no opportunity to offer them the commisurate requiem.
From influenza epidemics of 1918 to Sixth Cholera Pandemics of 1899-1923. Asian Flu (H2N2) of 1957/58 consumed over 1.1 millions people worldwide according to CDC update to Hong Kong Flu that took away more than one million terrestrial mortals in 1968/1969. While recovering from the above, slightly below two million people were confirmed victims with almost twenty thousand souls swept off the planet Earth during the Swine Influenza of 2009/2010 pandemics. This page won’t contain the reign of HIV/AIDS casualties; Cholerae; Seasonal Influenza; Ebola; Lassa Fever; and the never ending Malaria epidemics in the less developed nations!!!.
Dear Florence, it has been hard times for mankind since you left us over 110 years ago and no end at sight over the recurrence of these dreaded infectious diseases that has depopulated mankind effortlessly with threats to our climates that you cherish in your Environmental Theory.
No doubt, much gain might have been made, the horror caused are unimaginable among the living mortals!!!. The world is indeed mourning and your infectious disease control is still our
reference point.

Premised on the universality of nursing care, many events have closely impacted nursing practice globally. Though there were pockets of opposition, we aren’t where we were before you left for heaven above!
Dear Florence Nightingale, Nurses can now easily move from one country to another with the core aim of practicing or getting further education. Either in Spain or America, Mexico, India, Ghana, Luxembourg, Ireland, Monaco, Bermuda, South Africa and some of the far extreme Australia, New Zealand, the language of Nursing is unique because human beings are fundamentally the same everywhere.
Our certificate lubricates many borders with very minimal itches that revolve around immigration logistics. With “Nursing Beyond Border” as an agenda, our contributions can be felt irrespective of colours, race, Creed, education and or demographic location. In fairness, we are doing well in this regard even though we will continue to enjoin ICN/ICM to do
more with nations to mitigate the perennial backlogs associated with immigrations and nursing practice worldwide.

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Dear FNG, since your exit, the nursing profession has significantly gained a high degree of autonomy from Physicians’ grip despite the sociocultural, politico-economic and legal limitations that the society foundationally constrain us into. Many nations of the world are now integrating more independent nursing practice as measures to achieve the “Universal Health Coverage” agenda of WHO member states. Kudos to America for its Nurse Practice Act being implemented in over 30 states; commendations to the 13 European Countries with Nurse Prescribing laws; Australia, Canada, New Zealand for their Advanced Practice Nurse
regulations; and most recently the Surgical Care Practitioner (SCP) in some evolving Nations and health care industry.
Dear Florence, with a more expanded role granted as being advocated by ICN/ICM/WHO, the next century will witness a suprasonic autonomous Nursing workforce with evidential benefit to the patients and human race globally.

Dear Florence Nightingale, just the way you grew up to be the pioneer and pride of Nursing to the Brits and the world,late Kofoworola Abeni Pratt made Nigerians, Africans and the World proud by virtue of her stint in Nursing from 1946 till her death in June 12th, 1992. Through her, and the doggedness of other pioneers, nursing education and practice gained a foothold in my country even though there were vitriols thrown at them in almost the same manner you faced storms too!!!

Dear Florence, our educational system still holds sway over traditional hospital based nursing training. Though a proposal has been made to do away with diploma education before 2024, many nurses can’t wait to see an end to this.
Our universities are doing essentially well with probable thousands of highly innovative and swavy nurses being graduated annually.
It will surprise you my “Lady with the Lamp” that Nigeria has less than 30 Department of Nursing (Universities) to produce the Nursing educational needs that will meet the Healthcare demand of almost 200 million people nationwide! Of this 28 DON, less than 15 have capacity for postgraduate courses in Nursing because of its sophistication in delivery and demonstrations. You might be wondering why, just the same reason I am writing to you too!!!.
Dear Florence Nightingale, our regulatory agency has been doing more than noble in the past years. The pace at which results are being released on time deserves some accolades.
Digitized license renewal is another innovation that Nrs Faruk led NMCN made us proud of.
Online Nursing update courses are making an inroad gradually into our learning acumen from council. Ma, they are doing well. I must confess.
Their gains aren’t without controversy, but we which NMCN can listen to the cry of most Nigerian nurses, work towards legislation on Uniform Entry Educational Level for Nursing Students, as this will on the long run annihilate the racketeering on job discrimination in Nigeria for nurses. I don’t want to disturb you with such debacles because you have heard enough about your childrens’ pain.

Dear FNG, this is one of the gains achieved during the Comr Adeniji led NANNM. While we hope towards enjoying Centralized Placement for Nurse Interns nationwide, the shortchanging and injustice done against our INTERNS may provoke you to visit Nigeria Government especially the umpires in the Ministry of Health and Finance. We pray your voice and echoes will bring fortune and favour our path, as we keep the struggle for a better nursing workforce especially towards attainment of Residency Training in Nursing.

Dear Florence Nightingale, when I reflect or remember what my fellow nurses have gone through in the course of rendering their professional duties, I shed tears and my heart aches with agonizing pain for these Angels in human form. I hope the underpinned will be
understandable to you as they collectively play an intertwined roles:

Dear FNG, government both at federal and state level have gross apathy towards our affairs and welfare despite being the core recipients of our services through promotion and sustenance
of a healthy workforce at all times. They brought politics of bickering among the health workers,due to our prolong sight on patient care, we were almost strangulated despite our ingenuity. Is this fair? No!. They failed to honour and appropriate recommended policy issues we recommended to them in the overall interest of the patients and the public. They failed consecutively to keep to dually agreed written documents just to spat on us forgetting that we are acting for the people.

Dear Nightingale, considering the sacredness you attached to human life and the inculcation of the principle of “Nonmaleficence”, one expect that impersonators won’t exist near the healthcare industry let alone deliberate breeding of substandard ill-equipped unlicensed but boastfully prouding individuals. The peril of these terrorists with scalpel, stethoscope and syringe have been causing public misrepresentation to your well adored profession who is innocent of their illicit act. My major pain has been to the undiscerning people and public who rarely escape from their grip with unimaginable scars, sores and severity of errors. Much has been done by the Nursing Community here, the media and government are partners in this conspiracy against human life.

First of all, are you aware that Nigeria Nurses (FMOH) workforce were yet to be paid their April/May 2018 salary by Nigeria Government despite all appeals to release the workers welfare. This is just a chronic ordeal faced by nurses in both Government and private firms in spite of their commitment to the common goal.
Many won’t believe that the majority of your nurses in the private sectors are not exempted too. Painful and shameful isn’t it? Those in the Government payroll aren’t faring well or any better either. It is unfortunate to posit that our nation’s Nurses are one of the worst paid worldwide.
Dear Florence Nightingale, if you are in the shoes of the average Nigerian Nurse, in all fairness, will you be able to put in your best? Would the world have known your footprint when you struggled to feed yourself, pay bills, satisfy family coupled with work overload that sarcastically drain your little stored glucose? Our Government failed us on wages and the public whose interests we protect don’t even care about our welfare! This is one of the brain trust behind our mass Exodus to promising nations that value our services and appreciate us for our optimal contributions.

Dear Nursing godmother, Assault has become a daily pill the average Nigeria Nurse takes in the course of rendering their essential professional duties. For a female dominated profession in a patriarchal society where “customers” are seen as the king, rarely do we get justices let alone apology for ill-treatment melted at us from time immemorial. The average MDs/HODs/Consultants/Managers and Administrators use bullying as their essential bureaucratic skills thus suppressing dissenting opinions, concerns and or contributions; our nomadic opportunistic politicians and goons wants to be worshipped whenever they appear
mistakenly in the hospital environment; the high expectant patient relatives are always on the offensive and attacks using weapons accessible at any giving time to express their displeasure against the system, and your inspired Angels are always the victim because of proximity to patients, bedside and relatives!!! Pathetic you said, and that is the word of choice!.
In June 2018, Nurse Dorcasu Adayere (23) was attacked and humiliated by a beast in doctor’s uniform, Dr D.E (35) during her working hours at Maternity Centre in Lekki, Lagos State. In 2013, Nurse A.Adeniyin was brutalized by a Soldier in Akure for just no cause. A police officer was reported to have beaten up a NURSE on duty at University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Cross River State for reasons yet to be determined by court of competent jurisdiction.
The Kidnappers are now going after our colleagues. Even as we are commemorating you, the Kaduna2Nurses are still under the kugel of these monsters. They killed our Angelic Nurse in Benue and Enugu, and more than 15 other recorded incidents across the country! Painful, but this is the fearful state we find ourselves in.
Dear Florence, the list is endless and the spread is nationwide but in all, Justice was rarely served and this is the most pathetic aspect of the panorama.

Dear Florence Nightingale, in as much as this is a global phenomenon, our domestic challenge is unique because authorities concerned serially form deaf ears to passionate appeal by both the professionals and the benefitting public to the adverse effects of understaffing. Both public and private hospitals have growing deaths of the nursing workforce and reasons adduced by the authorities concerned are as perennial as money itself. We hope that this “Year of the Nurses” will attract our Government (Federal and State) attention towards employing more nurses and
Midwives as measures to achieve Universal Health Coverage for all!.

Dear Florence Nightingale, in accordance with the lines of Keith Carlson, ” Nurses love to be of service and provide care to those who need it most. Some nurses also seem to experience secondary gain from playing the role of the martyr. Martyrs give and give until they have nothing left, sacrificing themselves for the good of others…” countless numbers of Nurses have paid the supreme prize with their life at the detriment of family, friends and loved ones! A brief reminder will tell you the agony in my heart:

Nrs Iweh Innocent Egwuchukwu.
This our Ihiala born Emergency Room Nursing Officer met his untimely death following exposure to a Lassa Fever positive patient at the ER of his facility in Ebonyi State. After one week of treating the patient, his health status changed, in the long run,he answered the supreme call on January 15, 2018. He died as a result of his dedication to duty because that is the fulcrum of Nursing care. Kudos to NANNM for their effort, the alumni who stood by the family and the Ebonyi State Government for honouring my colleagues even though more is expected from them to keep the memory worthwhile!. My condolences to his wife who is bearing the brunt of taking care of three children that he left behind, someday so soon, help will come your way! Rest on my dear comrade and great martyr of Naija Nursing.

Nrs Benjamin Asamago (Aka Asamcity):
We lost one of our very best to the cold hand of death on July 4th 2015. A nurse per excellence with pedigree in emergency care, comedy, sports, creativity, oratory ability, intellectualism etc. Until his death, he worked in the ER of Delta
State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara. In this year of the Nurse, I remember you and my condolences to your family for such a colossal loss!!!.

Nrs Ejelonu Justina with her unborn baby:
She was our Ebola Nurse Hero of 2014 who paid the supreme prize alongside her two months baby in-utero in order to protect the Nigerian people from the horror of the dreaded hemorrhagic fever. She was infected with the body fluid of the ebola carrier Patrick Sawyer who presented to their hospital in Lagos!!!. It is unfortunate that the government is yet to accord her the well deserved and promised national honour, at least to motivate the Nursing Community and appease the grieving family. We hope that someday, her sacrifice will make Nursing a better place just the way you did FNG!

Nrs Ogboji Chinedu:
While returning back to Irrua Specialist Hospital from Lagos where he MEDEVAC a patient to, had a ghastly motor accident that consumed his life on the spot. He left his 18days old new bride in shock, his Masters Degree masterpiece in Nursing gone to the dust and his consummate ER skill prematurely died with him. It was indeed a tragedy of colossal loss here.

Nrs Nduka Ogbue :
This Comrade lecturer with State School of Nursing, Agbor, Delta State died in a ghastly motor accident around Auchi, Edo State alongside other nurses on their way
from a NANNM meeting in December 2008. He was the best Medical-Surgical Lecturer the state and school could ever produce at that time. My condolences to his Wife (Nurse/Midwife with Delta State Government), his twin daughters and family for bearing the loss of a great
fighter and father that died for Nursing welfare and affairs. We won’t forget your role sir!
And many other countless Nursing Martyrs that paid with their lives while on duty as a Nurse especially in the wake of this deadly Covid-19 pandemics.
May their gentle caring souls rest in peace, Amen!.

Dear Florence Nightingale, despite the horrendous situations that nurses go through in rendering their services to humanity, countless number of them aren’t relenting to keep the fire burning as you advised. While not being sanctimonious or pedagogical, the following nurses fits into the “Nurses Hall of Fame” both nationally and intercontinentally due to their unending contributions that span beyond the chore of bedside nursing they originated from:

Dr. Grace Ogiehor-Enoma D
Our Ehor born granddaughter of the
Enogie of Ehor, Edo State had her trip to Nursing stardom starting from Benin-City, Nigeria years back. Her quest for global best practices propelled the need to further her education from the best Universities and Institutions in the United States of America with numerous fellowship to her honours. As a staunch believer in community health and diseases prevention, she used her skills and knowledge to ensure that the grassroots are not left out of health equations vis-a-vis the formation of a non-profit organization that focuses on health outreach both in Nigeria and America.
Dear FNG, it is a thing of honour to inform you that Dr Grace contributions helped eliminate health disparities among African Immigrant Communities thus making it easy for her to be crowned as the current Executive Director, NANNNA (National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA). This beautiful Nursing bride is an Adjunct Associate Professor, Administrative Nursing Supervisor, Executive Director, Mentor, Activists, Advocate, Mother and Nation builder. More wins as you continue to make Nightingale proud.

Nrs Smart Madu Ajaja:
A practicing Nurse in Houston, Texas United States of America, has continued to create life and voice for the Nursing community, with focus on the most vulnerable and impoverished Nigerians who suffer oppression in the hands of the Masters called leaders. A former Senatorial Aspirants (Delta North); an environmentalist with a safe climate agenda; a radio and television host and owner; anti-corruption crusader; a neocolonialism antagonist and pan africanist consummate; a writer and family man. His echoes resonate the struggle you went through for the emancipation of others. Great Ajaja, may your days be long!!!.

Nrs Onyekosor Cletus:
He is a young none office holder that continued to make his marks known since his foray into nursing in September 2008. His student days were the epicenter of human rights and just course for his fellow mankind. He has consistently continued to demand for
accountability from those in authority just for his love for Nursing and Nigerians. A dogged fighter without weaponized ammunition. AN occupation health therapist. Ever ready to take up any assigned responsibility so long this profession is protected and preserved.
More grace my comrade friend.

Nrs Abdullahi Yahaya:
This Abuja based retired but ever firing human right activists is one of the many reasons why some Nurses are smiling here. His stint in FCT NANNM remains unparalleled and currently, leading Emergency Nurses Association of Nigeria (ENAN) to global limelight. A private practitioner and elder statesman that continued to use action and leadership to make public statements without words. He is an entrepreneur par excellence, an estate manager, human resource consultants, rescue officer, father and brother for all Nurses that believe assiduously in mentorship and LEADERSHIP. More wings to fly higher sir.

Nrs Helen Mbonu:
She is not only endowed with therapeutic Nursing care and virtue, her administrative acumen is second to none. Dear Florence Nightingale, this Finnish-Nigerian born
Nurse has consistently been contributing to NURSES capacity building nationally and internationally since her nursing sojourn that started at Savonia University, Kuopio Finland many years ago. She was the Head of Nursing Services at Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara for years until 2017 with countless innovations, standard of practice, credits, honours and accolades. She is currently the Group Director of Nursing Services, Reddington Group of Hospitals, being one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Lagos Nigeria since February 2018. She stood out as trainer, mentor, mother, preceptor, team player, nurse administrator, supporter and a highly sought out human resource manager. May your three indispensable kids continue to bring you pride and honour as you sustain your Nightingale commitment to Nurses, Nursing, Nigeria and the world at large!.

Nrs Aghedo Princewill:
He is a young versatile and ever inspiring leading nurse of this century who has been able to marry the ideology of both the traditional rightists nurses and the digitized millennia left wingers nursing force without bickering. His life saving programme had benefited both the medically equipped and non-clinicians proportionately. His passion for positivism in nursing leadership and administration has earned him a place in the heart of both the lead and the led thus his rightful induction into “Nurses Hall of Fame”. His passionate advocacy for a safe planet Earth via Nursing care has span beyond the confinement of Nigeria,
with the international community sourcing for his contributions on garmane issues. A media savvy, blogger, recruitment consultant, teacher, rescuer, writer etc. Dear FNG, this young mind is someone you can always count on any day, anytime under any condition. More days to you.

Dear Nightingale, the list of the starlites of the Nursing Profession are inexhaustible and their contributions can be felt from East to West and North to Southern region of this country and the world in general. We are becoming more of a global icon than in the confinement of our limited
environment. God bless our Nurses!.

My commitment and Contributions
Dear Florence, reeling out the stake of others without rejoinder that answers one American President charge “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” will make me an empty barrel. Following my sojourn into this noblest Profession on Earth in September 2008, courtesy of my Uncle’s cheered determination, I became a formal member of the Nightingales in 2011, and ever since then, have resolved to contribute in any way possible to make my profession a dream for many. From clinical resolutions for best practices to association’s achievement of set goals and objectives, the optimisms remain.
As part of this year’s theme “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Nursing the World to Health”, I assure you of my renewed commitment through writing, caring and advocating. I pledged that my patients won’t regret meeting me and relatives shall part with lasting balm of Gilead “‘Thanks for being there”you made it possible’ ‘though things didn’t go the way we wish, you actually tried your best and the family is saying thanks'” ; my colleagues shall not reckon me for failure and spoiler of our fundamental rudiments; the public shall continue to see the shelter of their care in me!.
More importantly, I promise to always subject myself to the rigours of advanced Nursing Education as its professional benefit cannot be overemphasized.
Currently, we lead through the umbrella of Concerned Nurses of Nigeria, Unemployed NURSES of Delta State, Nurses for Upgrade Profession and in various groups targeted towards bringing succour to my Profession. The days ahead can only get better, this, I am sure of.

Dear Florence, this is indeed “the year of Nurses and the Midwives” as declared by WHO in your honour, and hope that things will get better and fairer for us as the world celebrates our contributions to humanity. We’ve gone through many curves professionally since you left and
this current global trying daring time will also pass. I enjoined all Nurses to keep on with the good fight however discouraging they may be because our noble mother Nightingale never gave up on nursing the world to health!!!.
I will use this opportunity to appeal to world leaders and health administrators to act beyond the rhythms on papers and make this world a better place for all the inhabitants by:
# Stopping the war and weaponization of mother earth,
# Collaborating to contain the ravaging maternal and child mortalities,
# Providing food, water, shelter, and other essentials to the most vulnerable group in order to reduce the burden of sickness for us to manage,
# Investing actively in Nursing Education and Research as they remain the only potential vehicle to global health and safety- this cannot be taken away from them,
# World Health Organization (WHO) should not be left alone at this juncture as we battle the ongoing Covid-19 pandemics and other debilitating diseases that are more injurious to our ecosystem: Indians need us more than they ever supported, Mexico is calling for Assistance while not leaving out Brazil; Citizens of DRC will need better health just the way it is accessible in Norway….
# Engaging the Nurses on health policy, politics,and promotion to get accelerated results and save lives.
# To the Nigeria Government, my passionate suggestion will go a long way to change our global health indices:
Stop the growing hate and dehumanization of Nurses nationwide- your inaction is fueling the rationale for the mass exodus to other nations!
# Employ more Nurses to make health more accessible to all Nigerians especially the most vulnerable and weak.
# Urgently review and standardized Nurses salary/wages to be in tandem with global yardstick.
# Declare a state of emergency on Nursing Education and make one entry point at the University level.
# Legalize the anti-quackery law as a measure to avert the looming doom.
# Constantly involve the Nurses on health policy, statements and decrees: your past exclusion killed the health sector till date.
# Implement laws on Nigeria Nursing Practice Act with the core aim of reaching the most vulnerable in our society.

These and many others are what the Nurses need from their leaders globally and not the fanfare festivals of “Great Nurses, great, beautiful Nurses, beautiful…” and other incongruent political assortment that won’t improve human lives.

Dear Florence Nightingale, if you are to be an African, your induction into the world of
Ancestors would have been perfected, thus, metaphysically giving you the extensive role of overseeing your progeny against harm, injustice, conspiracy, pandemics and host of other annihilating and supplanting orchestration of enemies. It is therefore not too late to get involved as you have constantly done, but now in a different world of immortality. I hope my letter meets you in a good stead as we mark 201 years of Nursing the world scientifically to health without your
physical presence but on ideologies conceived many years ago. In fairness, you died a hero and your birth two centuries ago was one of the best things that happened to the human race. Even
In death we celebrate you excellently and royally.


Written by
Nrs Ojunekwu Felix N (RN).
Accident and Emergency Nurse Specialist,
Delta State University Teaching Hospital, Oghara,Delta State,

World Health Organization (WHO),
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
International Council of Nurses (ICN),
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN),
International Confederation of Midwives (ICM),
National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM),
Florence Nightingale Society,
United Nations (UN)


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