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Information is Power. Trust me, you have heard/read things that are new to you and you will be the first to also share with others. This is how the world works for progressive minds. @HWBio, we are building a community of healthcare workers who connect with one another using the opportunities of information sharing. To build this spirit, we have designed a token to make us have fun doing that.

For every month, we want to have 2 winners – one with the highest number of posts and the other with the highest number of views on a post. Both will share #30k. This pay bonus will be for the winners of each month for the next three months.

At the end of the year, user with the highest wins goes home with #100k.

We value information sharing and are willing to ensure that healthcare workers benefit from this advantage of a community where they are the source and user of the information in it.

Let’s go guys! Help ourselves with INFORMATION!


To start, visit Healthworkersbio.com/register

Input your details and wait to be verified!

Visit our forum to create topics or do so from homepage when you sign in!


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